GalaxySwap — The future is bright.

3 min readMay 21, 2021

We understand the frustration of failing to meet a launch date that we were all excited about. How could this even happen? And how will we prevent this in the future?

Although the exchanges themselves are incredibly complex constructs that are interfacing between multiple different programming languages, anybody with a laptop could technically launch their own exchange. Just fork an existing repository, tweak some addresses, and there you have it. The hard parts are often overlooked things like aesthetics, imagery, branding, and even deciding what features to include at first. When we initially announced the launch date to be May 17th, we had already completed the hard part thanks to the herculean efforts of our graphic and web designers. We felt that hooking up the frontend to the blockchain would be no problem at all.

Murphy’s Law states: if anything can go wrong, it will. Well, it certainly went wrong for us. In the process of building a beautiful front-end interface, we inadvertently severed the link between the exchange and the blockchain. As a result, we could no longer approve the contracts for farms and pools. Many hours of diligently searching our code for mistakes have allowed us to isolate the issue before the launch was initially scheduled, but a fix remained frustratingly out of reach.

We decided that the fastest route to fixing this issue was…well…to start over. We pulled a clean copy of our template exchange, modified it to accept the SafeGalaxy, Galaxia, and SpaceshipCaptain (our version of Masterchef) contracts, and were finally able to successfully link the wallet to the exchange and ultimately to the blockchain.

All that’s left? Re-beautifying the frontend: this time, with the proper due diligence and version control. As you can see below, much progress has already been made in this regard. Isn’t the color scheme nice?

We are finally able to approve the BNB-BUSD Galaxy-LP contracts! Note that the CAKE-CAKE and other pools are easy to replace with the Galaxia-Galaxia and SafeGalaxy-Galaxia pools we are initially planning to offer.

A solution (though drastic) was found, and we are now making smooth progress again. We have also added two new developers to the team with extensive and diverse coding backgrounds (shoutout to Alec and Okawa) — the future of GalaxySwap is looking bright.

Having learned our lesson the first time, we cannot yet give an explicit timeline for when GalaxySwap will be released, but expect it sooner rather than later. GalaxySwap is the platform that will serve as the foundation for countless innovative features, all aimed towards growing our community and the tokens hosted. Taking a little bit more time to make our dreams of achieving passive income a reality will be worth the comparatively short wait.