3 min readMay 15, 2021


With the launch of GalaxySwap, we know that we have to do something big. No, not big. That’s not big enough. It’s got to be massive. Galaxy sized.

First, we are going to be doing a Giveaway of 10 Million Galaxia, per day, for 15 days. That’s a total of 150 Million Galaxia. You will need to connect your Wallet to Galaxy Swap, and then login to GalaxySwap every day for 15 days to redeem your Galaxia. Redeeming your Galaxia will be as simple as pressing the “redeem” button. Here are the minimum requirements for the giveaway.

  • You must hold $300+ worth of SafeGalaxy in your wallet. That’s it.

This is not limited to the first 100,000 Wallets. Anybody who holds More than $300 worth of SafeGalaxy in their wallet can participate. Because the price of SafeGalaxy fluctuates, on any given day, more or less people will be eligible for the giveaway. This means you will receive different rewards every single day, based on the number of people in the giveaway.

The amount you receive will be based on a logarithmic function, with the largest amount given to the largest wallet, and the lowest amount given to those holding $300. This is to ensure that while the largest holders do indeed earn more free Galaxia, it will not be an absurd amount compared to smaller wallets. This is the most fair way to support everyone who has supported us.

We are going to be pulling from the SafeGalaxy/BNB Pool on Pancacke swap to Fund GalaxySwap. The BNB will be used to fund the initial liquidity for GalaxySwap, and the Safe Galaxy…well…

To get out of the atmosphere, we need to kick in the Afterburners. We need to burn.

To get us going, we are going to be burning a total of 22 TRILLION SafeGalaxy over the next 17 days. This is roughly $1,000,000 worth of SafeGalaxy.

3.5 Trillion tokens will be burnt May 15, 2021.

3.5 Trillion tokens will be burnt May 16, 2021.

1 Trillion SafeGalaxy will then be burnt every single day, for 15 days during the giveaways.

Everyone gets Galaxia = Everyone Makes Money = Everybody Wins.

We are excited to change the name of the DeFi community for good, and we couldn’t possible do it without the help of the incredible community. Thank you all for the ongoing support you have shown us as we built and prepared GalaxySwap for Launch.

We’ve made it to Infinity. Now let’s go beyond.